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The place of luck in novel writing

Hello. This is my first blog attempted all on my own, so I hope it works! As I sit tapping away at the keyboard turning out more chapters of ‘Easter At Netherfield’, my next Pride & Prejudice sequel, I am conscious of the disorganised, unplanned way in which I...

A Moral Tale

I’m drawing attention to this Daily Mail article about the widow of Leon Brittan, a former Home Secretary accused before his death of sexual abuse, rape and murder, because it was from such injustices that my novel ‘As The Clock Struck Ten’ sprang. The matter is...

Who or what is ‘Greta’…and who is the charming man who offers her help? Oliver, successful solicitor, three times married ladies man, grapples with his cases, his business partners, and a young girlfriend. Gill Mather swirls a double helix around these two characters in a tale of love, obsession and stalking, gradually leading the reader up unexpected avenues. The author…makes her characters believable…I’d highly recommend Class Of 97.

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